Birds of a Feather

Wynn: Sea Snakes and Money

We’re going to Absalom, it sounds like. I’ll get to see sea snakes. And we’re going to get paid to escort one of the scholars there. I’m more than okay with this arrangement.

Wynn: Fame

Drake is famous. He’s in the town crest. It’s beautiful.

I’m so proud of him.

Wynn: Another Druid

We fought another druid today and… she was… a bitch.

Yeah, that’s a good way to put it. A bitch.

I hope not all the druids I meet are like that. They’ll give me a bad name without even checking in to see if I’m okay with that.


Captain's Log 1

Besmara’s guidance has gotten me into quite the shitstorm, but I’m going to optimistic and assume the payout is going to be great. Every time she gets me into a mess there is always treasure to be had. And I could use a little booty, in every sense. I gotta say though, I have found some unusual traveling companions; the best kind. The kind that make for a great story. There is this girl with a giant snake, you know there’s a story there, and there’s this handsome singy fella whose egg I mean to crack wide open, and by Besmara I got just the thing to loosen those luscious lips. The magician is pretty easy on the eyes too, also quiet, which means secrets. Secrets make the greatest tales.
Course we are already making our story, what with the whole devils and orcs thing. Though I did get to meet interesting folks, around this town I hadn’t yet had the fortune to. A dwarf by the name of Linno Brethun, curious fella with a dangerous curiosity for things he probably shouldn’t, reminds me of the time Black-Eyed Pete spilled oil in the hold and almost lit up the ship, but his bodyguard miss Iselle she can guard my body anytime; I may look into that. We helped a lovely couple, a Mr. Pelengren Dweomerhart and Miss Rosette Vanyahara. Rosette was suffering something fierce with filth fever, I’ve seen it spread around on ships by the rats; a nasty thing. Lucky they had some local herbs that can cure it. I made a note of it cause that could be very useful in the future. I only wish my healing was powerful enough to have done more. On a more happy note I taught the Turnell children a little swordplay, I picked my first sword at 8, mother wouldn’t suffer a daughter who couldn’t defend herself.
It is a busy time, for certain, now we are escorting some old hermit back to town, he is all sorts of amusing, can’t say the same for the local birds though.

Pirate's Shanties Part 1

I went to town to see a king, in the hopes of getting a diamond ring, what I found instead would chaos bring, as the devils of Lastwall sing.
As the town burned down, all the people roun’ turned to fight with a frown to defend their crown, but the town was lost, and the crown got tossed, as the devils of Lastwall sing.

Wynn: Drake's Song

Drake the snake
He lived by a lake
His dad’s name was Jake
He doesn’t like rakes
He’s no fan of fakes
He really loves steak
He can’t really bake
He is not opaque
He gives and he takes
His name is Drake
And he is a snake.

Wynn: What

Skulks are weird and sketchy.

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